Red Deer River Trip


August 14, 2020 - August 17, 2020

We are planning on hosting our annual Red Deer River Trip. It will be held on the weekend of August 14th-17th.  Come join us for some kayaking and camping along the Red Deer River. Here are some additional details:

Red Deer River

  • There are sections of the Red Deer River (west of Sundre) suitable for paddlers of all abilities. Some river paddling experience is strongly recommended and prior participation in one of EWP’s beginners courses is a minimum requirement.
  • The paddling will be led by our experienced trip leaders who will also provide a safety briefing before we get on the water.
  • If you feel you could use some river paddling practice before this trip, EWP intend to host sessions on the North Saskatchewan (in Edmonton) once river levels recede. Stay tuned for details.


  • Crown land (free!)/ wilderness camping adjacent to the Red Deer River.
  • Bring your own camping gear.
  • Nearest cell service is approx. 30 minute drive.


  • This trip typically incurs miscellaneous costs and so a $15 fee is charged for each participants.
  • An additional $10/day fee is required should you wish to rent a boat.

Physical distancing on a club trip

  • Youth paddlers will need a parent or guardian to attend in order to provide shuttle service for their child.
  • Bring a face mask(s) and plenty of hand sanitizer/soap.
  • There will be no group meals this year. Each family or household must provide and cook their own food.
  • Trip leaders will perform river rescues if required. To reduce the risk of needing rescue, you should paddle well within your ability. Our trip leaders will be on hand to help guide you in judging whether a  rapid is within your capabilities. Portaging rapids on this river is a piece of cake!

Please contact us if you are interested in attending!

Youth Lessons

EWP offers classes to kids as young as 6 years old and emphasizes a fun learning environment in order to develop basic kayaking skills. Older youth are transitioned into our youth program (or start there) and are exposed to all aspects of the sport, including whitewater, rolling basics and canoe/kayak polo. There are many opportunities to get folded into the main EWP training group that practices in an adjacent pool at the same time when they aren’t participating and helping with lessons themselves. Click the button below to inquire further about our youth programs.

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