New EWP Guest Policy


Posted on April 19, 2011

At the April 18,2011 meeting it was voted by your club executive to implement a new EWP guest policy.

Under this new policy, EWP members can bring a friend to try kayaking for ONE SESSION ONLY, after which the guest must become a member if they want continue to paddle.

Also, the guest MUST pay $5 for an “event” membership and complete a club waiver form BEFORE getting into a boat.

Finally, the host member MUST instruct his or her guest in the techniques of controlled boat entry and wet exit, with and without a spray deck, and MUST supervise them during their complete session.

Youth Lessons

EWP offers classes to kids as young as 6 years old and emphasizes a fun learning environment in order to develop basic kayaking skills. Older youth are transitioned into our youth program (or start there) and are exposed to all aspects of the sport, including whitewater, rolling basics and canoe/kayak polo. There are many opportunities to get folded into the main EWP training group that practices in an adjacent pool at the same time when they aren’t participating and helping with lessons themselves. Click the button below to inquire further about our youth programs.

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