EWP 50th Anniversary Tour of Edmonton Paddle


Sept 2, 2023

Welcome to our celebration of 50 years of paddling! This is a paddling tour that will take us through the heart of Edmonton from Buena Vista Park to Capilano Park. The paddle should take about 2-3 hours. Some comfort on moving water is required, but there are no rapids on this section of water. An up to date EWP membership is required for any use of club equipment. As far as the use of equipment, there likely will be a variety of boats used. The logistics of getting boats to the departure site and trying to match individuals to the required equipment will need some advance planning. If you are interested in attending, please reach out to the club email below in advance of Aug 30th, 2023 to try and sort out the necessary gear.


  • Saturday, Sept 2, 2023
  • Timeline:
  • 1100 Meet at Capilano and get dressed to paddle
    1130 Shuttle bus departs Capilano for Clubhouse
    1200 Arrive at Buena Vista Park
    1215 Collect paddling equipment from Clubhouse and prepare to depart on river
    1300 Depart from Clubhouse
    1300-1600 Paddle to Capilano Park/50st take out
    1600 Meet at Capilano and begin the BBQ
  • Cost:
    • $20 for adults, FREE for under 21!
    • BBQ only $10
  • Location: Capilano/Buena Vista Park

To register please email: website@paddleewp.ca

Web address for location of Capilano Park: https://www.edmonton.ca/activities_parks_recreation/parks_rivervalley/capilano-park#stack116025

Youth Lessons

EWP offers classes to kids as young as 6 years old and emphasizes a fun learning environment in order to develop basic kayaking skills. Older youth are transitioned into our youth program (or start there) and are exposed to all aspects of the sport, including whitewater, rolling basics and canoe/kayak polo. There are many opportunities to get folded into the main EWP training group that practices in an adjacent pool at the same time when they aren’t participating and helping with lessons themselves. Click the button below to inquire further about our youth programs.

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