Canoe Kayak Polo

Canoe Polo is an exciting team sport played in specially designed kayaks involving 2 teams of 5 players attempting to shoot a standard water polo ball into the opponent’s net which is hanging 2 meters above the water surface. The standard pitch dimensions are usually 35 meters long by 23 meters wide. Each player is required to wear protective equipment consisting of an extra thick PFD and a helmet featuring a full face mask to protect their face against accidental paddle strikes.

Edmonton Whitewater Paddlers was the first Canadian club to play this relatively new sport, and has been supplying the bulk of the National Team members since the first World Championships in 1994, and has since hosted many multiple international competitions including the 2008 World Championships.

EWP offers its members the opportunity to get involved in this exciting sport at any level from junior and novice, recreational or competitive. The club hosts multiple tournaments during the year and all members are invited to participate in these very social events.

Our members can use canoe polo boats from our extensive stock of boats for a modest “repair fee” if they do not have their own polo boat.

Both our youth and adult programs feature opportunities to try Canoe Polo. In addition, EWP hosts several opportunities for drop-in games and tournaments. We also organize and coach dozens of youngsters to participate in every Alberta Summer Games.


EWP organizes and leads various Whitewater and Sea Kayaking/Touring trips throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall geared at various ages and skill levels. Click the button below to learn more.

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