Canada Club Nationals 2024


July 6, 2024 - July 7, 2024

We are very excited to be hosting another club nationals event and we hope that you are excited to attend! The Edmonton Whitewater Paddlers will host this event in Edmonton on July 6 and 7, 2024 with sanction support from Canoe Polo Canada. We hope to release a handful of bulletins to help you prepare and plan for this event. 


Date: July 6 & 7, 2024


  • Division 1: Includes Open and Club A
  • Division 2: Includes Open and Club B
  • Division 3: Women
  • Division 4: Youth (15 & under)

Note: Each division must have a minimum of 3 teams participating to run the event. For specific details about division categories, please see our first bulletin to help you determine whether you should register as an Open or Club team.


  • Division 1 and 2: $310/team if you register your team prior to May 15. After this date, the cost is $360/team.  
  • Division 3: $270/team prior to May 15. After this date, the cost is $320/team.
  • Division 4: $210/team prior to May 15. After this date, the cost is $260/team
  • Non-AWA Member Event Insurance: $15/person
  • Boat Rental: $60/person*

*Private boat rentals are not possible, the boats will have to be used in a pool of rental boats that other participants can use as well. 


Bulletin 1 – includes more detailed info about divisions, competition rules, scrutineering expectations, additional purchases, and overall event schedule

Registration closes June 1, 2024. We are working on getting this up and running, stay tuned for a link to our registration page. 


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