Brierlies Trip


June 9, 2019

Join us on our trip to the Brierlies on Sunday, June 9.

This is an intermediate trip and depending on how many other capable paddlers are attending, numbers might be limited. The Brierlies is a standing wave so it will be a park and play trip. The group is planning to be at the Brierlies at 10am. If you are interested in a convoy from Edmonton (about 7:30am), visit the Facebook event for this trip to arrange.

There is no fee for the trip but there is for kayak rentals. If you are planning on attending, please contact us to let us know.

Adult Lessons

Learn the basics of whitewater kayaking in a safe and warm environment from experienced EWP members and instructors. Once ready, there are also many opportunities to get folded into the main EWP training group that practices in an adjacent pool, try canoe/kayak polo, or continue on to specialty classes in bracing and rolling. Click the button below to inquire further about our adult programs.

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