• OBECO – Canada’s first and only builder of competitive composite canoe polo kayaks, sea kayaks, open canoes and whitewater racing boats.
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  • Edmonton Paddling Centre Association (EPCA) is a collective of clubs offering paddling programs in the Edmonton area.
  • Alberta Canoe Polo Association (ACPA) – The ACPA promotes the sport of Canoe (Kayak) Polo in Alberta for the enjoyment, safety and health benefits of Albertans, young and old. EWP is a proud member of the ACPA.
  • Alberta Whitewater Association (AWA) – The provincial governing body for kayak and closed deck paddle sports. The ACPA is the Canoe Polo representative within the AWA.
  •  Canoe Kayak Canada (CKC) – The national body for competitive paddling in Canada.



EWP organizes and leads various Whitewater and Sea Kayaking/Touring trips throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall geared at various ages and skill levels. Click the button below to learn more.

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