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We are active year round with a variety of activities. Check out our News & Events page for details.

In the winter, we host weekly lessons and practice sessions in pools as well as several competitive events in kayak slalom and canoe polo.

Winter pool sessions include Introductory lessons, Stroke Improvement and Eskimo rolling lessons to introduce and refine kayak skills.

In addition, Sea Kayak Rescue Lessons strive to meet the increasingly diversified needs of our members.

Over the past few years Canoe (Kayak) Polo has enjoyed a growth surge reflecting it’s value as a tool for practicing skills while providing the fun of a team game, which for many has become a year-round source of enjoyment.

Specific Youth Programs develop skill and fitness and feed into summer camps, trips and competitive opportunity.

With the coming of warm weather the Club activities move outside. Mid-week sessions in the City Parks or the river promote regular exercise and opportunity for practicing your paddling skills.

Summer whitewater tripping gets us outside for camping and paddling.

Weekend trips will take us paddling on the North Saskatchewan, the Red Deer, the Brazeau, the Ram, and the Fraser, just to mention a few. Join our growing group of sea kayakers on Alberta’s inland seas, such as lake Wabamun, Lesser Slave Lake, Islet Lake and Murtle Lake.

Our kayak rental program will allow you to join in without the considerable expense of purchasing equipment. Although Club Trip Leaders are not guides, they are familiar with trip rivers in addition to being technically skilled with whitewater rescue and safety so your river experience is fun and safe.

To keep you informed EWP sends out frequent group emails, and keeps a presence on Facebook.

We have a River Valley clubhouse near the valley zoo. For details and map, click here.

Thank you for choosing to participate with EWP.

We hope your initial involvement is enjoyable and fulfilling and leads to further activities with our Club and our sport.

Canoe Kayak Polo

EWP provides the opportunity to get involved in the exciting team sport known as Canoe (Kayak) Polo at any age and competition level. Members can transition to polo from our various lessons, and the club hosts several opportunities to drop in and play or participate in tournaments throughout the year. EWP is the premier Canoe Polo club in Canada. Click the button below to find out more.

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