Boat Storage

Boat Storage

The EWP is always under continued financial pressure. Every year costs increase for the club and we do our best to keep our members shielded. Unfortunately, these increased costs have now been applied to the space we use for boat storage at Kinsmen Pool. As a result, the following will be charged to members for private boat storage:

  • $30 for Kinsmen Pool (starting 2018)
  • $30 for Rundle Park Sea Can (starting 2019)

Private boats will identified and members will be invoiced online.

The EWP Executive goes to great lengths to make sure costs are distributed appropriately and remain as low as possible. We thank EWP members for their continued understanding.

Youth Lessons

EWP offers classes to kids as young as 6 years old and emphasizes a fun learning environment in order to develop basic kayaking skills. Older youth are transitioned into our youth program (or start there) and are exposed to all aspects of the sport, including whitewater, rolling basics and canoe/kayak polo. There are many opportunities to get folded into the main EWP training group that practices in an adjacent pool at the same time when they aren’t participating and helping with lessons themselves. Click the button below to inquire further about our youth programs.

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