2017 Cup of the North


February 3, 2017 - February 5, 2017


Fri 8pm – 11pm
Sat 7am – 10pm
Sun 7am – 5pm

Official Game Schedule is available HERE (pdf).

Please note that ICF rules are slightly modified, see the 2017 changes HERE.

Final Results

Div A

  1. Great White Buffalo
  2. Mer Men
  3. Dragon
  4. PC Sharks
  5. USA Blue
  6. Redbeardians

Div B

  1. PLAG (Play Like A Girl)
  2. Crunch
  3. U21 Men
  4. USA Red
  5. BVR FVR
  6. Pelicans

Div C

  1. American Made
  2. Redbeerians
  3. Lightning Bolts
  4. Gophers


Radisson Hotel South is offering a great deal for our event guests. To make a reservation, please call 780-431-5827 or 780-437-6010 or +1 800-333-3333. You can also book online. More details here.


Registration is now closed since we now have 16 teams registered and this is the maximum number of teams we can accommodate with the pool time available. We are sorry if your team did not make it this year, please register earlier next year.

Event check-in registration times:

  • Friday Feb 3 from 7pm to 9pm
  • Saturday Feb 4 from 7am to 9am

Check-in Location: Mezzanine level, through the Snack Bar at the right of the main desk.

Division A (Full)

  • USA Blue
  • USA Red
  • U21M
  • Great White Buffalo
  • PLAG
  • Welsh Dragons
  • PC Sharks
  • The Mer-Men

Division B (Full)

  • The Crunch
  • SF Pelicans
  • Saskatchewan Gophers
  • American Made
  • Redbeardians
  • Redbeerians
  • Lightning Bolts

Tournament Regulations

  • All A and B teams, are required to wear matching rash guards, matching PFDs and the same unique PFD # throughout the tournament.
  • Although it is understood that since visiting teams may borrow equipment, getting matching helmets might be hard, but it would be appreciated if this requirement could also be met.
  • Entrance to the Kinsmen facility will be by the use of a barcoded entry card. These must be picked up when you register, and will not be given out until a waiver and tournament fees are paid in full.
  • You must register during the registration hrs of Friday, February 3rd from 7-10 PM, and Saturday, February 4th from 7-10 AM.
  • Equipment will be brought into the building through door 17 at the back of the facility, and must be done after an entry card has been obtained from the registration desk located on the mezzanine at the exit of the Snack Bar.


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